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CCC: Investigate File:Tarnow Park Strzelecki wiewiorka 5.jpg corruption
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File:Tarnow Park Strzelecki wiewiorka 5.jpg is identified as corrupt by CCC and a review requested by its uploader.

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Local test identifies the image as not being corrupt.

./Tarnow_Park_Strzelecki_wiewiorka_5.jpg: Works
TheSandDoctor added a commit: Restricted Diffusion Commit.Feb 13 2020, 11:42 AM

Server-side also works

./Tarnow_Park_Strzelecki_wiewiorka_5.jpg: Works

I am not 100% sure the cause, but my suspicion is that the file upload checked was stuck in the redis queue awaiting processing on the old version. The queue length is a known issue and one being investigated per T104, T117, T118, T122.

Updated in database to reflect the fact that it is not corrupt. The tag on the file page itself has been reverted and the uploader notified.